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How to do fur boots wholesale business for fall and winter?

2020 Beijing International Fur & Leather Products Exhibition

2020 Beijing International Fur & Leather Products Exhibition


How to choose and buy fur slides?



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To date with fur, you only need a pair of shoes/slippers

Autumn is coming, A variety of fashion trends are emerging. As the most eye-catching darling, Fur once again innovates its own fashion possibilities. In addition to exquisite and luxurious clothing, Shoes and slippers dot with fur elements Catch the fashion trend absolutely Fantastic shoe upper embellishes with sporadic fur Smooth and shining With exceedingly fascinating and charming beauty under your feet. How fashion is slippers? Fur can tell you the answer The fluffy fur Full of girlish feeling and mature female charm. The influence of fur is more than this From color, type, to application, The design of the fur on the shoes is dazzling. Your favorite design and artwork can be shown By every of your step Attaching fur to a small area of the shoes It can greatly enhance fashion to the whole No matter which season You can obtain different splendidness With such sporadic and delicate embellishments […]

Voice of Fur: I was misunderstood for too long

Fur, as one of the earliest raw material for human clothes, has existed since ancient times. However, a lot of people who own fur clothes with happiness and satisfaction are often blamed: “It’s inhuman and not eco-friendly with fur!” We often hear about the bloody barbarism in the fur industry, but what is the truth? Let’s go into the fur industry and you will find that fur has been misunderstood for too long. First, let’s talk about the source of the skin. The fur industry is one of the most regulated industries, and fur material trading is usually done through the auction house. Farmers who feed fur animals each year transport their furs directly or through intermediate purchasers to the auction house. The fur trade strictly abides by national and international laws and regulations, as well as the provisions of industry practices. These cover every aspect of animal welfare to […]