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How to do fur boots wholesale business for fall and winter?

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How to do fur boots wholesale business for fall and winter?


Winter is coming.

When we talk about fur boots, everyone will think about UGG fur boots.

Not only they are a big brand, also the UGG has many classical fur boots styles for fall and winter wearing.

Of course, we have UGG fur boots, but we also have some different fur boots styles with UGG fur boots, you can have a look to see if they’re suitable for your business:


Now we have three kinds of fur boots:

First, faux fur boots;

Faux fur is not fur, actually it’s polyester, but people make this material looks like real fur. And if we use this kind of material to make fur boots, the price is competitive.

We have solid colors and multi-colors in faux fur boots, if you have any interest, you can check the following web link to see more details on the faux fur boots product page:
Colorful Faux Fur Boots
Faux Fur Boots in Solid Color


Second, real fur boots;

Real fur boots are made by real fur, mostly made by real fox or mink. So real fur boots prices are not cheap, and still many customers like them and pay for what they want.

We have some real fur boots styles on our website and if you want to see more fur boots styles, you can contact us by emails or send us inquiries.


Third, UGG boots; Or actually we should call similar UGG style fur boots;

Normally UGG company sell their boots through their own channel or big companies, like Macy’s.
So if normal companies or boutiques, like you, want to sell fur boots, you have to find other UGG fur boots suppliers, like us.

And there are 3 kinds of similar fur boots:
1.PU leather + faux sheepskin;
2.Cowhide + faux sheepskin;
3.Cowhide + real sheepskin;
4.Double faced sheepskin, 100% same material with UGG boots;

Normally we can make every styles with any materials as you want from the four materials.

Now the No. 2 material: Cowhide + faux sheepskin is the most popular because of competitive price and good quality.


However, there is another problem you should know about fur boots: SHIPPING;

Now there are several shipping ways, like express, by air or by sea.

Express is the fast shipping way, like DHL, FedEx, or UPS.
But express freight is too expensive for boots because boots sizes are too big.
Many people know shipping is based on product weight, the more weight, the higher the shipping cost.
Why sizes are important to freight? You should know “Volumetric Weight”.

What’s Volumetric Weight?

“The volumetric weight of a shipment is a calculation that reflects the density of a package.
A less dense item generally occupies more volume of space, in comparison to its actual weight.
The volumetric or dimensional weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight for each piece in the shipment to ascertain which is greater; the higher weight is used to calculate the total shipment cost.”

If you want to know more details of Volumetric Weight, please click HERE to DHL express:

So now you understand why fur boots shipping cost is too high.
And you will have another question, how to try to solve this problem?
Because the express shipping costs are higher than some product costs. This is hard to accept.

So we have to tell you the other two shipping ways, by air and by sea.
The two ways are mainly used for normal foreign trade on big quantities products cause they’re much cheaper than express shipping.
And buyers need to handle import documents and domestic transportation. And for some buyers, like boutique owners have no idea of these procedures.

So how to solve this problem?
The answer is to combine them, like air+express and sea+express:
first way by air or by sea and the second way by express.

This will reduce the shipping cost and avoid buyers to do complicated import procedures.
So buyers or boutique owners can receive their products door to door.

Note: sea+express is a good choice, but it needs 25-40dys to the USA.
So if you’re in the USA, you’d better buy some fur boots in advance to save shipping cost and this won’t affect your sales either.