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Things You Should Know About How To Do Beanie Hats Wholesale Business

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Things You Should Know About How To Do Beanie Hats Wholesale Business


1. Material: Polyester, Acrylic, Angora, Wool and Mixed material

Common materials are polyester or acrylic.

And if you want wool hats, solid wool hats are expensive, as these styles:


So we recommend wool and polyester mixed material.

Recently Angora material is trendy, if you want to do beanie hats wholesale, you can order some styles to try, like the following styles:


2. With or without pompom:

a. Without pompom:

We do some classical beanie hats wholesale without any pompom; Like these styles:


Beanies hats without pompom have their own stylish and they are more simple.

From our side, we recommend beanies with a pompom, because with pompom can make beanie hats more beautiful and people can feel warmer when wearing pom beanies hats.

b. With pompom:

Normally there are four different pompom materials:
real fox or real raccoon or real rex rabbit or faux fur pompom.

Among them, raccoon fur is the most popular, cause of its long length, suitable price and fluffy.

The second choice is the fox fur pom whose price is a little higher than that of the raccoon pompom.

And faux fur pompom is the cheapest. For example, cc beanie hats mostly use faux fur pom for their beanie hats.

The choice is yours and we saw some sellers offer different choices to their customers on their websites.
So wholesale clients can think about this choice to make you more competitive in your local business area.

3. Styles or Patterns:

Everyone has their own preference.

Different styles have their unique attractions and you can see the beanie hats' colors and sizes on our website:

Here we recommend some hot selling beanie hats for wholesaler reference.


Every year we update the latest beanie hats styles on our website and also send some potential famous styles to our regular clients by email.

4. Logo or Hangtag:

If you want to make your own brand on the hats, no problem.

We can support wholesale custom logos and private labels and hangtags if the quantity is enough.
We will try our best to give you the lowest MOQ, so don't worry.

If you need your own pictures for online sales, we can also support you with this service.
So you can get your unique pictures at cheap prices compared to your local photography costs.

5. Purchase or Order schedule:

a. Big quantity, like 2 thousand or 5 thousand or more, we recommend you to use sea shipping which is the cheapest option.

But you need to have the ability to handle import affairs.
And also you need to note that shipping time is at least 2 months.

If you can't handle the beanie hats import customs clearance, we recommend you the sea+express shipping way, and we will be responsible for the clearance.

Sep sales will boost according to this Google trend:


Considering shipping time, we recommend you order before June.

b. Small quantity, like below 2 or 3 hundred pcs, express is a good choice, like UPS or FedEx.
Express is fast, normally within 10 days, the goods will reach you.
So this way can enhance your turnover rate.

But you need to note that the express shipping cost is not cheap compared to sea shipping, you have to balance your total cost on the pompom beanie hats cost and shipping costs.

c. Medium quantity: Express or sea plus express(around one month, no need for import customs clearance, but you better order before August or July):
Express is fast and sea+express is cheaper.
You have to make a choice based on your own situation.

6. Freight ( Transportation Fee ):

The exact shipping cost will be based on the total of different styles and their quantities.

We have different ways of shipping, and the shipping rate is changing all the time.

So better Contact Us or fill out the below form to know more about how to do beanie hats wholesale business.