How to style fur

Fur clothes are easy to wear and here’s how to style them Fur apparel is warm and beautiful for winter dressing. The furry texture and luxurious style make you more elegant and fashionable. However, such luxurious fur may bring a feeling of uncertainty on how to wear fur clothes and accessories. In fact, it is not so difficult to control fur clothes and get simple and smart out looking. Now let’s discuss some skills on dressing the fluffy fur. 1. Color: Being fashionable by trying some fresh color (combo) With the development of fashion trends, fur color also becomes more lively and fresh. If you do not like too bright color, the strip and color block are also good choices. Do not just try those classic natural dark color. 2. Length and thickness: lightness is the key to fashionable fur There is no difference between wearing an unfit fur coat […]
Fox fur

Fight Proposed Bans on Fur Sales (Now in New York and California)

Dear City Councils, House and Senate Members,  We believe that selectively banning the sale of fur is un-American. Why should fur sellers be prohibited from continuing their businesses when we eat meat, wear leather shoes, and consume many other animal products on a daily basis? Truly this would be imposing the will of the minority on the majority! Here are some other reasons we oppose AB 44 and Intro 1476:  1. Fur sellers are legally operating businesses. It is unconstitutional to ban fur simply because you do not like it and are uneducated about the realities and benefits of consuming a natural, renewable, and long-lasting product like fur.  2. This issue affects real people who have spent decades investing in their businesses. By banning fur, you are pulling the rug out from under law abiding business that contribute to the local economy. This disproportionately affects small businesses and not large […]

Why are fur slippers so popular?

Slippers are a necessity in our daily lives. Do you know when did people first wearing slippers in ancient times? It is said that the Egyptians were the firsts to wear them and they were usually made of ropes, plants and animal skins. At that time, slippers were a symbol of power and authority and were only used by people with a certain status. Today slippers are still popular choices and everyone has at least one pair in their wardrobe. However, it’s not a symbol of wealth anymore but fashion items especially for women. What? You still think slippers are just for indoor wearing? You may out. See what famous stars do. As mentioned at the beginning, our ancestor knew to make sandals by fur in ancient times. Let’s see the advantages of such fluffy fur slipper. Comfortable There is no doubt that slippers are the most comfortable shoes for wearing. They can […]

What should we pay attention to when buying fur?

Fur has become a kind of clothing that many people like to wear. It is made by animals’ skin such as mink, rabbit, rex rabbit, raccoon, fox, cattle, sheep, etc. Fur is not only good-looking but also very warm. That’s why every woman wants one very much. What should we pay attention to when buying fur? 1. Looking: Look at the glossiness. The brighter the appearance, the better the fur is. The price will be higher. The animal’s fur is closely related to its nutrition and health. The diseased and defective animal furs lack flexible luster. In the jargon, it is “rust.” However, it should be noted that there is a common means of counterfeiting on the market: “oiling”. It is to add luster to the fur with a brightener. The method of identification is to gently rub the fur by hand. The tip of “oiling” furs would stick together […]


1. Haining Leather City Recommend Level: ★★★★★ Brief Intruction: Haining Leather City, the full name of Haining China Leather City. Haining China Leather City was opened in 1994. It is the most influential leather professional market in China, and the leading market of China’s leather industry, the distribution center of Chinese leather garments, suede garments, fur garments, leather bags, fur material, leather and shoes. And the release center of fashion trends, leather price and market information. Haining China Leather City Headquarters Market and affiliated facilities have a total construction area of approximately 1 million square meters, with Block A, Block B (Leather & Shoe Plaza), Block C (Fur Plaza), Block D (Suede Square), Block E (women’s clothing hall), Block F (brand flagship store square) and raw material and subsidiary material market, brand fashion center and other blocks. The market has gathered first-class leather, suede, fur, luggage and shoes brands at home […]
History of fur business

History of fur business

Fur has a long and colorful history that dates back to the Stone Age when human ancestors first wore fur garments to cover the body and keep out the coldness. A lot of Mediterranean civilizations, including Phoenician culture, Greek culture, and Roman culture, give the fur a supreme glory, symbolizing the wearer’s power and noble status. Meanwhile, fur can protect the wearer during the war. In Northern Europe, fur clothing began to be worn as a fashion and warmth article in the 10th century. Beaver made hats became popular from 11th to 12th century, and then fur hats, gloves, and hand warmer became widespread, laying the foundation for the arrival of the golden age of Europe’s first fur products. Until the 17th century, the fur trade was rapidly developed with the increasing of the demand for fur products in the European market. This also driven many French and British explorers […]