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Fur Knitted Scarf: Ultimate Purchasing Guide for Wholesalers and Retailers

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Fur Knitted Scarf: Ultimate Purchasing Guide for Wholesalers and Retailers


1. Why purchasing fur knitted scarf in bulk for resale?

Scarves play an important role in fashion accessories, they are not just to keep you warm, but also make you chic.
There are many different types of scarves by all kinds of materials but the one that you cannot miss is absolutely the fur scarves.

You have at least three reasons to choose fur:

First, as one of the earliest raw materials for human clothes, fur is still the symbol of luxury and fashion nowadays.

Also, with its nature and soft feature, fur is much warmer than any of other materials in the world.

Furthermore, the impact of fur on the environment is much smaller than that of artificial. 
As we know, 80% of the fabrics used in other fast fashion products are synthetic fibers that cannot be biodegraded without hundreds of years or even thousands of years, but fur burying in the ground can be completely degraded in one month without burdening the natural environment.

Knowing the benefit of fur, some of you may think that fur is too expensive for most consumers.
This is also the exact reason that I recommend fur scarf for you. Unlike big garment or fat cape, fur scarf is much less material costing.

You can easy to find that the price of fur scarf is cheaper than what you have imagined. It is even cheaper if you purchase from a real factory.


2. Advantages of fur knitted scarf

Knitted way is a very classic artwork in fur manufacturing, but we should still admit the huge advantages for fur knitted items.
Every piece of fur has two sides: hair side and skin side. We can get double side fur by cutting it into strips and then knit them to the net to become more durable and double soft.
The shape is also more flexible by changing the shape and size of the nets.

With all the advantages of furs, fur knitted scarves show you more.


3. Type of fur knitted scarf

I. Fur materials: rabbit, rex rabbit, fox, mink, sable, etc.
II. Fur state: full skin, pieces fur
III. Nets: elastic, non-elastic, big hole net, small hole net

Different furs and nets knitted different scarves with different hair length and feeling.

If you are a shop with limited budgets, you can choose rabbit and rex rabbit.
If you want higher end and more luxury, you can choose sable and mink.


4. Where to buy?

It is very important for a wholesaler or retailer to do the purchasing work to find the best quality and lowest price.

By its low labor cost and complete supply chains, China is a good choice for your sourcing to save you more cost and make the business more profitable.
They can also do OEM services and sew your brand labels.

With the rapid development of globalization, international business becomes quite an easy way for both big and small company so do not afraid to contact with abroad manufacturer.
For the first transaction, try to arrange the payment via PayPal that can guarantee your money till receive the goods.


5. How to do the inspection?

To keep your customer, you should first sell the excellent products with good quality, so the inspection work is very important.

To check fur knitted scarf, you should pay attention to the follow:
First, density. High density shows a good quality and more material costing.
Second, evenness. Look and wear to see whether the scarf is even or not.
Third, color and lustre. The brighter the appearance, the better the fur is.
Fourth, measurement. Pay attention to check the width and length of the scarf.
Last, it is normal for real fur with a little floating fur.

A useful notice: After long transportation and squeezed in the carton during the shipment, the fur products might be disorganized.
Please use the hairdryer in cold air or put them at a windy place for a few days (direct sunshine not allowed), the fur will become fluffy again.
You can check more detailed tips (CLICK to know matters needing attention when buying fur ).

For sample order, you can ask your supplier send to you and check the quality by yourselves.
For bulk order in big quantity, you can find a third QC company to do that by sending your inspection standards to them.


6. Care and storage

Hang the fur scarf without pressure. Squeezing can cause disorganization so make sure all furs have enough room.

Avoid high temperature. Fur hates heat. It is not the actual hair that is affected, it is the hide or leather that can dry out, become stiff, and crack.

Avoid direct sunshine to fur knitted scarf.

Use professional fur comb to make it fluffy and remove the floating fur.


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