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How to start fur slides wholesale business?

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2020 Beijing International Fur & Leather Products Exhibition
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How to start fur slides wholesale business?

fur slides orders from

What is fur slides?
Fur slides are also called fur slippers, which mainly are compound of real fur slides and faux fur slides.

If you don’t know the difference, you can google big brand fur slides. Like “fendi fur slides", "ugg fur slides” or “gucci fur slides”.

Normally fendi fur slides are mostly made by real fur while gucci fur slides and ugg fur slides are made by faux fur.

And if you heard about chanel fur slides or louis vuitton fur slides, maybe it’s not from the brand chanel or LV, because it may mean this:

chanel fur slides and louis vuitton fur slides

Now let’s get down to business: how to start fur slides wholesale business?

We will tell you how to do fur wholesale business step by step;

Step One:
Choose fur slides raw material: fox fur slides or raccoon fur slides?
(mink fur slides are good, but it’s too expensive)

The difference:
The advantage of fox fur slides: more fluffy, better density;

The advantage of raccoon fur slides advantage: longer guard hair;

So if you want big fur slides, we suggest you choose raccoon fur slides at the same price.

fox fur slides and raccoon fur slides

Step Two:
Choose the fur slides sole and confirm the sizes: PVC or EVA?

The advantage of EVA sole: lighter and cheaper;
so if you want to do cheap fur slides wholesale, EVA sole is better for you.

And EVA sole sizes are in the picture, please note that 6.5 and 7 are one size, so are other sizes.

The advantage of PVC sole:
better quality and US standard sizes, and this sole have sizes for kids fur slides.

pvc eva fur slides sole and sizes

Step Three:
Print logo or not?

If you don’t have a logo or don’t want to make logo print, please just skip this step.

If you have your own logo, and you also want them to be printed on the fur slides, we can make it for you.
And we only charge the logo mold fee to make the unique mold of your logo. For the logo print, we will do it FREE for you.

fur slides logo print

Step Four:
Choose colors and confirm each quantity:

Now the hot selling colors are rainbow fur slides, red fur slides, and black fur slides.

You can take these for reference. And we can do ANY colors you want, what you need is to send the color pictures to us.
For more colors, you can click the below pictures for reference.


Step Five:
Send the above information to us:

PVC or EVA, Logo(optional), colors and quantity, including your address, we will tell you the final wholesale order value and express shipping freight.

Step Six:
Confirm the order and make payment.
After several day’s production and delivery, you can get them from the couriers.

As a popular fur slides vendor, we already sent many slides to many clients and you can trust us. The following are part of our orders, if you want to start fur slides wholesale business:



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fur slides orders from