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2020 Beijing International Fur & Leather Products Exhibition

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2020 Beijing International Fur & Leather Products Exhibition


"Winter is coming” and now we are in winter, not only the Beijing weather but also the Beijing International Fur & Leather Products Exhibition (hereinafter called the “Beijing Fur Fair").

Yesterday the first snow in 2020 comes to Beijing and today we visited the Beijing fur fair at a very cold temperature and found the 2020 Beijing fur fair is colder.


This year the exhibition only has one floor, instead of two floors in previous years.
Even though one floor, we still found some fabric garment booths, totally fabric without fur.
The most important reason is that this year the Beijing fur fair was held with Beijing Winter Fashion Show(hereinafter called “BWFS"),so almost 20 booths which specialize in fabric garments were showing in the 2020 Beijing fur fair.


For professional fur booths, the number is around 80 which includes 15 big companies, like Saga furs, Huasi holding, Sings, Yinshan, Yuanlong, etc.
And besides Saga, there are three extra foreign companies, Avanti Furs, Padova Furs, and Silvano Biagini. They mainly show sable mink fur jackets and chinchilla fur coats, and the prices of sable jackets are more than us$7-8,000.00 per piece, even higher.


Maybe today is the first day, so only a few visitors attended the 2020 Beijing fur fair.
Actually we knew it’s not. The main reason is the economy. So we saw many attenders are playing their phones, sitting in the booth.


In such a weaker fur environment, I heard from one owner who specializes in cashmere scarf, she said:" We need to work together to survive under this bad economy, all companies are hard and we should help each other".

Yes, though the 2020 Beijing fur fair is cold, so is the economy, we have to work harder and try our best to help each other. We are not competitors, what we need to do is to make the fur market bigger and attract more clients, especially young customers. We should mainly focus on this, not compete for prices with others.

China has a saying “A fall of seasonable snow gives promise of a fruitful year”,Hope the first snow will bring the best wishes, wish all companies will be better in 2020.