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How to choose and buy fur slides?

2020 Beijing International Fur & Leather Products Exhibition
2020 Beijing International Fur & Leather Products Exhibition

As fur slides are so popular now (you can check HERE to see our another article), people don’t know how to choose a suitable slide for themselves.
So the following words may give you some tips.

First, real fur slides.
In real fur, there are mink, fox, raccoon, rex rabbit and rabbit fur slides.
Now real FOX FUR SLIDES and RACCOON SLIPPERS are the most popular in the market.
Why? Mink fur is too expensive and rabbit fur length is short, and fox and raccoon fur length is long enough and fluffy.
So we will introduce these two real fur slides firstly.

For real fur slides, especially for fox and raccoon fur slides, we have two different quality slides: Normal quality and Good quality.
The differences are the sole and fur density.
1. Normal quality slides take the EVA sole while good quality slides use the environmental PVC sole. (PS: there are also other soles in the market, but the sole sizes are smaller than normal standard sizes, so we don’t do that kind of sole)

2. Fur density of Normal quality is less than that of Good quality slides.
Please check these pictures and you will know better of real fur slides.
And you can choose the colors and sizes accordingly. Or if you need more colors, please send your pictures to us and we can make your own bespoke colors.


Now more clients like good quality slides according to our sales reports, and many boutiques sold these slides very good.

Second, faux fur slides.
There are different polyester faux fur in the market, but mainly faux fox and faux raccon fur. But not all faux fox or raccoon are same, some factories’ faux fur are slightly different. So please check our pictures and sizes are same as EVA sole.


So do you know how to choose a fashion fur slides now?
Now winter is coming, and if you need more boots or fur products, welcome to SEND INQUIRY to us.