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Why are fur slippers so popular?

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Slippers are a necessity in our daily lives.

Do you know when did people first wearing slippers in ancient times?

It is said that the Egyptians were the firsts to wear them and they were usually made of ropes, plants and animal skins.
At that time, slippers were a symbol of power and authority and were only used by people with a certain status.

Today slippers are still popular choices and everyone has at least one pair in their wardrobe. However, it’s not a symbol of wealth anymore but fashion items especially for women.

What? You still think slippers are just for indoor wearing?

You may out. See what famous stars do.

As mentioned at the beginning, our ancestor knew to make sandals by fur in ancient times.

Let’s see the advantages of such fluffy fur slipper.


There is no doubt that slippers are the most comfortable shoes for wearing. They can help to ventilate your feet to avoid sweat in summer.


By wearing slippers, you can get a leisure mood and a relaxed life, which can help to forget the tense steps of the city, Experience the truth of life and slow down your pace by a pair of slippers.


With only half upper, slippers are easy to wear and take off. They can save a lot of your time to do what you like.


The most important advantage of fur slippers is their fantastic out looking. By fluffy fur, your shoes can obtain full elegance by every step on the way.

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