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What should we pay attention to when buying fur?

Why are fur slippers so popular?

What should we pay attention to when buying fur?


Fur has become a kind of clothing that many people like to wear. It is made by animals’ skin such as mink, rabbit, rex rabbit, raccoon, fox, cattle, sheep, etc.

Fur is not only good-looking but also very warm. That’s why every woman wants one very much.

What should we pay attention to when buying fur?

1. Looking:

Look at the glossiness.
The brighter the appearance, the better the fur is. The price will be higher.
The animal’s fur is closely related to its nutrition and health. The diseased and defective animal furs lack flexible luster. In the jargon, it is “rust.”

However, it should be noted that there is a common means of counterfeiting on the market: “oiling”. It is to add luster to the fur with a brightener. The method of identification is to gently rub the fur by hand.
The tip of “oiling” furs would stick together for a short time.
Also, the fur is a little greasy after your touchiness.
As the polish is volatilized and faded during your wearing days, it will soon lose its luster.

2. Touching:

Touch and feel the density of the hair by hand.
For good-quality fur, the hair is neat and uniform. The under-hair should not be sparse.

Rather than a blunt and greasy feeling, it should be a smooth feeling full of tension when touching.

3. Blowing:

Blow to a piece of fur, the needle and hair can be restored to the original state immediately after the fall by the airflow, indicating that the quality is good.

At the same time, while the airflow passes, you can notice the density of the internal short fluff. Thicker is better.

4. Wearing:

When trying on, you can feel the shape of the garment, as well as the weight and length.
For same raw material, it is male animal for heavy fur and female animal for light fur.

After choosing the good-quality fur, what can we do to maintain our fur clothes?

1. Anti-humid heat.

Strong sunshine and moisture are fur’s enemies. Therefore, you should avoid direct sunlight and humid places.
It is better to keep the room temperature around 15 degrees.

2. Use a hanger with a shoulder pad to hang the fur clothes.

Do not use a wire hanger to prevent the fur from being damaged or deformed.

3. Make sure your fur can breathe well.

People have to breathe, and fur is the same. When storing fur, be sure that the air permeability is good. Do not use plastic bags. If necessary, use a large fabric bag to cover the fur and separate from the dust.

4. Avoid chemicals.

When wearing fur, try not to spray perfume or hair gel, because the chemicals in these products contain alcohol, which will dry the fur.

5. No modification is allowed.

Don’t try DIY yourself or nail any accessories on the fur, otherwise, it will be easy to hook up the fur.

The above are several useful tips that HL FURS concluded on how to choose and maintain the fur.
Hope everyone can have a further understanding of fur maintenance now.
If you don’t know these, you may be deceived by the seller.
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