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Fight Proposed Bans on Fur Sales (Now in New York and California)

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Fight Proposed Bans on Fur Sales (Now in New York and California)

Dear City Councils, House and Senate Members, 

We believe that selectively banning the sale of fur is un-American. Why should fur sellers be prohibited from continuing their businesses when we eat meat, wear leather shoes, and consume many other animal products on a daily basis? Truly this would be imposing the will of the minority on the majority! Here are some other reasons we oppose AB 44 and Intro 1476: 

1. Fur sellers are legally operating businesses. It is unconstitutional to ban fur simply because you do not like it and are uneducated about the realities and benefits of consuming a natural, renewable, and long-lasting product like fur. 

2. This issue affects real people who have spent decades investing in their businesses. By banning fur, you are pulling the rug out from under law abiding business that contribute to the local economy. This disproportionately affects small businesses and not large department stores who do not earn their living from fur sales. 

3. If the goal of banning fur is enhancing animal welfare, you are not achieving it. By banning reputable sellers who know exactly where their furs are coming from, you are driving uneducated buyers to order furs online, which may not be up to ethical standards and may not even be the type of fur they are labeled as. 

4. Ultimately banning fur drives consumers to purchase fake fur products. If by now you are not educated about the environmental effects of synthetic materials like “faux” fur, please take the time to educate yourselves. These products are not long lasting or sustainable and contribute to overconsumption and pollution. When washed, they release millions of plastic fibers which eventually end up in the ocean and make their way up the food chain. 

Please take into consideration these important issues. Please let consumers in CA and NY choose whether to purchase fur products from local sellers, it is their right. In addition, we oppose AB 44 and Intro 1476 because they set the stage for animal rights activists to force even more of their beliefs on the public (no leather, meat, eggs, dairy). We do not want future government influence on our everyday choices, like what we wear and eat. 


Those in Support of Fur Sales in CA and NY

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