What should we pay attention to when buying fur?

Fur has become a kind of clothing that many people like to wear. It is made by animals’ skin such as mink, rabbit, rex rabbit, raccoon, fox, cat […]


1. Haining Leather City Recommend Level: ★★★★★ Brief Intruction: Haining Leather City, the full name of Haining China Leather City. Haining China […]
History of fur business

History of fur business

Fur has a long and colorful history that dates back to the Stone Age when human ancestors first wore fur garments to cover the body and keep out the c […]
fur Sewing Tools

If you are a fur products manufacturer, they’re your another “hands”

FIRST: THE NAIL TOOLS Nail tools include nail guns, romi furrier pliers, nail pullers, nail boards, etc. Nail guns and romi furrier pliers are au […]
Fox fur

7 Characteristics That You Should Know to Identify Fur Quality

A lot of clients ask the way to check fur quality. Today, we conclude the following characteristics of fur: Animal furs exhibit different qualities by […]

The world’s largest annual human migration in 2019

The world’s largest annual human migration now underway in China. When? Lunar Chinese New Year, or called the Chinese Spring Festival. Though th […]