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Beijing H&L Furs Shines at Theonemilano Mifur 2024


If you are a fur products manufacturer, they’re your another “hands”

FIRST: THE NAIL TOOLS Nail tools include nail guns, romi furrier pliers, nail pullers, nail boards, etc. Nail guns and romi furrier pliers are auxiliary tools in the process of shaping the skin. They are used to nail the fur skin to the nail board. The fur skin is naturally air-dried, shaped, and then all nails are removed with nail pullers. SECOND: THE CUTTING TOOLS 1. Furrier Knife The knives are tailor-made tools for cutting fur, for the cutting of whole skins or strips, and for trimming fur according to random shapes. Commonly used in Europe and the United States is a lightweight metal knife that can be replaced with a blade. Its shape is designed according to the way of hand grip and the special needs of fur cutting. The rounded tail can be used to mark on the fur board, and to make the stitched fur board flat. The traditional Chinese knives are similar in shape [�]