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The world’s largest annual human migration in 2019

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The world’s largest annual human migration in 2019

The world’s largest annual human migration now underway in China.
  • When?
    Lunar Chinese New Year, or called the Chinese Spring Festival.
    Though the festival officially starts from 4th February 2019 to 10th February 2019, the fact is that this holiday will totally affect the Chinese more than 30 days. (Possibly from 20th Jan. 2019 to 20th Feb. 2019 )

  • Why?
    It’s more than a 30-day period when Chinese people head home town to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival with their families.

  • Where?
    With major labor forces being away from factories or workplaces, all the public network will be holding up more than one month. Business activities in China will be paralyzed.
    Attention: ALL !!!

  • What???
    What you should do is to act immediately and take your orders on a predictable timeline. Take everything in advance.
    Or your supply chain will be disrupted, the extra cost will happen and you won’t get supplied if you are out of stock in holidays.

  • How?
    Contact us and the answers will be yours.